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DeValles Family Service Center

The DeValles Memorial School-Age Day Care Program provides a safe and secure haven for school age children before school hours, after school hours, during the days of vacations, holidays, and summer months, in a stimulating, protected, creative, educational, and humanistic environment giving particular attention to the development of self-esteem, self-confidence and respect for the family, and using the three learning domains, i.e., cognitive, affective, and psychomotor as a vehicle to attaining these goals. Thus, insuring that creativity, self-reliance, imagination, and physical development are delivered to the children. Further, the program staff members are assigned according to their areas of expertise, experience, and certification; these particular groupments include early development and person to person.

All staff members who are directly or indirectly involved with child care must instill self-esteem and... read more

Devalles Family Service Center
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